Generex Green Energy Hydroelectric Power Plant

A 4MW hydroelectric power plant is ready for construction on Small Creek in the Robson Valley taking part in BC Hydro's Standing Offer Program to help supply clean energy to the area.

About This Project

BC Hydro forecasts that energy needs could grow by as much as 50% in 2031. They will handle this growth through conservation, by building more through reinvestment in aging assets and by acquiring more clean power from independent power producers. With the implementation of BC Hydro's Standing Offer Program there are now more opportunities for independent power producers such as Generex Hydro.

Based in Valemount, BC, Generex Hydro plans to construct a 4 MW green energy hydroelectric power plant on Small Creek. This project is located in the Robson Valley approximately half-way between Valemount and McBride on highway 16. It is in the advanced stages of development with all required tenures, water licensing, environmental studies and approvals already in place. Generex Hydro Inc. has letters of support from the three First Nations with pending claims on their traditional lands and a Cooperation Agreement with the Simpcw First Nations from Barriere, BC. Construction is able to commence once a new 138 Kv power line is built from Jackman Flats, north of Valemount to McBride, that will be able to handle the new power supply and a commitment date and EPA from BC Hydro is guaranteed. Construction would be approximately 18 months at a cost of $10 million, half of which would be spent locally for labour, equipment and materials. This would provide potential opportunities to local businesses and skilled labourers. Once the final stages of approvals and guarantees are in place, the local area will benefit from new economic activity and a reliable, sustainable, and environmentally responsible source of power.

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