Chu Molybdenum Project

Comprised of 44 mineral claims, the Chu Molybdenum Project is a core drilling project with long intercepts of ore grade molybdenum.

About This Project

The Chu Molybdenum project is a proposed molybdenum mine owned by TTM Resources Inc. The project is located 85 km southwest of Vanderhoof, BC. Initial technical surveys and diamond drilling operations began in 2006, and engineering work was still being conducted in 2012.

Molybdenum is a type of coal ore which is used in the production of steel, particularly stainless and construction grade steel.

The Chu Molybdenum Project (the ‘Chu Project’) is comprised of 44 contiguous mineral claims and covers an area of almost 17,000 hectares.

There has been much development done on the project since 2006. In 2008 TTM Resources commissioned two National Instrument reports that discussed the history, geological setting and mineralization of the Chu property. In 2009, TTM Resources completed a soil geochemical survey consisting of over 1000 samples. 2010 saw the completion of drilling campaigns that tested mineral zones and initial set up of the site to allow for calculations of resource estimates. Work done in 2011 and 2012 was focused on exploration programs that concentrate on advancing the Chu Project to the Pre-Feasibility stage. Also, diamond drilling that began in 2006 continues to be done through 2012.

When the mine is fully functioning, it is estimated to produce at a rate of up to 90,000 tonnes of molybdenum per day, for over 20 years. The site will consist of an open pit mine, processing plant and associated infrastructure, tailing management facility, explosives storage, and a transmission line.

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