Pulp and Paper

The North Central BC region has three pulp mills located in Prince George with an additional major pulp mill situated in Mackenzie. These pulp mills are some of the largest and most technically advanced in Canada, relying on a sophisticated network of transportation providers and world-class infrastructure to export pulp and paper products to customers around the world. The four pulp mills in the region also are home to some of the largest and most technologically advanced bio-energy systems in the world.

Forest Products Association of Canada

The Forest Products Association of Canada represents many of Canada's wood, pulp and paper producers nationally and internationally in government, trade, and environmental affairs.

The Forest Products Association of Canada, along with the government program, Investment in Forest Industry Transformation is helping pulp and paper producers implement technological advancements that maximize value from every tree harvested. Half of the projects are bio-energy related, and the other half ranges from wood products innovations to biochemical technologies.
The Bio-Pathways Partnership Network, facilitated by the Forest Product Association of Canada and led by industry provides a forum for member companies to meet, partner on initiatives of common benefit, and exchange knowledge and contacts.

The Forest Products Association of Canada website hosts a series of Customer Briefing Notes designed to help answer questions raised by consumers of Canadian forest products. The website also outlines their members’ environmental responsibilities, and the association’s government relations. There is also contact information and a page describing how to become a member.


Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership (Canfor Pulp Products)

Canfor has a total of ten sites in the North Central region, including five sawmills, three pulp mills, a tree nursery, and a corporate office.
Canfor Pulp owns and operates the Intercontinental Pulp Mill, Prince George Pulp and Paper Mill, and Northwood Pulp Mill in Prince George.

Canfor Pulp Products is the largest North American and fourth largest global producer of market NBSK pulp and is the leading producer of fully bleached, high performance Kraft Paper. The organization’s Canfor Pulp segment employs approximately 1,200 people throughout all of its operations.

Canfor Pulp Products three mills have the annual capacity to produce over one million tonnes of northern softwood market kraft pulp, 90% of which is bleached to become NBSK pulp for sale to the market, and approximately 140,000 tonnes of kraft paper. The Intercontinental Pulp Mill has the capacity to produce 315,000 Mt of pulp per year and Northwood Pulp Mill can produce 590,000 metric tonnes (Mt) of pulp per year. The Prince George Pulp and Paper Mill can produce 150,000 Mt of pulp and 140,000 Mt of paper each year.

Canfor Pulp Products purchases the majority of its fibre requirements from Canadian Forest Products Ltd. (Canfor). It sources the remaining 30% through fibre supply agreements from other BC firms. Canfor has an allowable annual cut (AAC) in BC of about 8.5 million cubic meters, about 10% of the total BC AAC. All of Canfor’s forest operations that supply Canfor Pulp are independently, third-party certified to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Sustainable Forest Management Standard.
Information regarding Canfor Pulp Products’ website has detail about the pulping and paper making process, investor information such as financial statements and sales terms and conditions, company policies, their operations and more.

Those interested in pursuing a career with Canfor Pulp Products can visit the company’s careers page.


Paper Excellence

Paper Excellence owns and operates the Mackenzie Pulp Mill

Mackenzie Pulp Mill Incorporated is a BC registered company, wholly owned by Paper Excellence, a European company based in Holland which, in turn, is a subsidiary of Asian Pulp & Paper. Asian Pulp & Paper is one of the world’s largest producers of pulp and paper with operations throughout the world. The company produces a high grade Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft (NBSK) that is an essential ingredient in the production of paper and tissue.

Mackenzie Pulp Mill has over 250 employees while also providing work for a significant additional number of workers through direct contracts within the company’s supply chain as well as the greater forestry sector.

The pulp mill was designed to produce bleached softwood kraft pulp and that will continue to be produced at the facility. The mill’s capacity is 240,000 metric tonnes of NBSK per year.

While some production will be made available to North American markets, it is anticipated that most of the production will be exported to Asian markets and, in particular, to China. NBSK pulp is an essential input into the production of strong, white paper products and tissue.

Those interested in pursuing a career with Paper Excellence can visit the company’s careers page. 


CN Rail

CN Rail owns and operates the CN Intermodal and Distribution facility in Prince George
CN opened the Intermodal and Distribution facility in October 2007 at a cost of over $20M to tap backhaul export opportunities, filling empty containers moving back to Asia through Prince Rupert with woodpulp, paper, as well as other products. 

The distribution centre is co-located Photo Source: PictureBC.ca - Photo Credit: Gill Kopyinside the CN Intermodal yard, allowing for in-park movement of containers and significantly reducing drayage and handling costs for customers.

An increase in facility demand has supported an additional $3.2M investment to expand the footprint of the facility to support the Port of Prince Rupert export opportunities and also add four additional forklifts. The expansion involves the following elements: track additions/extensions; doubling/improvement of lumber inventory capacity; additional lumber handling equipment; and additional manpower.

The expansion will increase the lumber transload capacity from an initial 30 containers/week in mid-2010 to over 700 containers/week in 2012 or over 30,000 containers annually. The site supports 47 employees.

The CN website has information for potential investors and clients, including prices and transit times, adjusted for customized shipping plans.